Mission Statement

To live in the moment; delight in the senses; enjoy life’s gifts to the fullest; seek out maximum pleasure, fun, adventure and good times; to never stop learning and growing physically, mentally and spiritually; to strive for excellence and quality in all pursuits; to create a life that is rich, rewarding, meaningful and gratifying. To channel positive energy and love.

To help other people who want to help themselves live the life of their dreams. I will enrich the lives of other people through sharing, teaching, entertaining, guiding and leading by example; which includes being rational, honest and having integrity. I will help people in the areas of optimal diet and nutrition; good health and wellness; the world of finance including how to maximize one’s resources, eliminate unwanted debt, set up and operate a successful spending plan, create and grow new wealth, and reduce the payment of taxes. I will also help people in the areas of personal growth and development; and interpersonal relationships including family, friends, co-workers, spouses and other lovers.

To live free and champion the cause of human freedom. To bring about the end of big government because it is counterproductive, wasteful and corrupt. To foster an environment of free and open markets, honest money and sound banking. To raise the standard of living for everyone so that we can all enjoy millionaire-like wealth and prosperity, enjoy it for as long as possible and do it all in a free country.