Model Search

Welcome, and thank you for your interest.

My goal is to make you feel comfortable every step of the way; so before we work together we will have a phone call and a meeting in person at a public place. I like to meet in Belmar at Whole Foods or Panera Bread (but we can meet closer to your side of town if that’s too far). I plan to answer all your questions when we meet.

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I’m building a new glamour and boudoir website and your photos will be used to show prospective clients the kind of photos I like to take. You can rest easy knowing that I will do my best to make your photos look like a million bucks. I want you to be the envy of every woman who looks at your amazing photos, so that they will want their photos created by me as well. The better you look, the better I look.

As the photographer, my goal is to capture images of women at their very best in terms of their inner beauty, power, sensuality and sexuality. I will encourage you to be playful and have fun, and you can count on your photos to be flattering and stunning.

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In addition to your favorite sexy outfits, we’ll experiment with you in lingerie, bras and panties, sheer fabrics, and implied nudity (as your comfort level allows). All finished images will be tasteful and suitable for display in any art gallery. We’re not going for porn, but we’ll take edgy if it comes along. I’ll show you examples of the photos I have in mind.

I will give you all the direction you need, but I think of it more as a collaboration; and hope you will impart your own personality and artistic sensibilities into the mix. What I ask is a great smile, a nice figure and an open mind. No experience required, and you don’t have to worry if you’ve never tried to take pictures like these before.

Our photo session will be in a private studio (or your place) and run about two hours. Then we will meet again after I have had a chance to edit the best photos. The best photos will be loaded onto a thumb drive which you get to keep. If you’d like me to help you with prints, albums, enlargements on canvas, acrylic, or metal, I will be happy to help you (at no charge). They make fantastic gifts.

If we hit it off and want to collaborate further, you will be eligible to model for future sessions without any cost. We can trade modeling for photography and help each other build our portfolios. Who knows, maybe we’ll both end up rich and famous.

If you’re interested (and at least 18 obviously), I encourage you to contact me immediately and let’s connect. My phone number is (760) 223-3587 and my email is   Please type your first name and the word “Model” in the subject line. I’d like to learn a little about you. Anything you want to share would be great, and I’d like a good photo or two that clearly shows your face and your figure. You don’t have to write an essay, but you can share why you’re interested in this opportunity and what you’d like to get out of it.

I value your privacy. All submissions will be kept strictly private and confidential. All submissions will be answered. Once I have all the models I need, I will let you know that I may not need you, but will keep you as an alternate. I will take down this page when I no longer need models, so if it’s still online, you should still contact me.

Thanks for reading and best of luck to you.

PS  These are stock images of professional models, and just happen to be the ones I already have. I invite and encourage all interested women to apply (let’s say in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages). Every woman is beautiful, and special, and it’s my pleasure and privilege to capture that beauty.