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Revealed:  The Shabby Tricks and Dirty Little Secrets the Powers-That-Be don’t want you to know (number 3 will really make you mad).

Discover how The System is designed to keep good people down (and what you can do to beat The System).


Welcome.  I’m Ken Holloway and I am delighted to share a few minutes with you to take a good look at The System (and how you can beat it).

The tagline for my website is Health – Wealth – Happiness – Freedom.  That’s what my work is about and if you’d like to enjoy more of that in your own life, then you’ve come to the right place.  I’m not here just to pump out information.  I genuinely want to help you and as many other people as I can to dramatically improve their lives.  You can call me on my show or send me an email and I will do my best to respond to you. I also take private clients and work with people one on one.

There have been many times in my life where I have been unhappy, depressed, broke, in debt, overweight, working in jobs I didn’t like or stuck in relationships I wasn’t happy with.  If there’s a way to do something wrong, I’ve probably figured it out.  So, the good news is you don’t have to make the same mistakes I’ve made or learn things the hard way.  I’m sure you’ve already had your share of hard knocks and now you’re ready to get more of the good things in life (quicker and easier would be nice too while we’re at it).

The information I want to share with you today is that The System is designed to work against you.  Think of it like gravity—always pulling you down.  Once you get the information in this free report, you’ll be able to see the bigger picture and immediately understand why you haven’t been getting the kind of results you’d like to get.  I’ll bet you deserve better than what you’ve been getting and I want to help you get the things in life that make you happy.

I’ll tell you a little secret up front—if you don’t have The System working in your favor, then it’s automatically going to be working against you (not good).   That’s the shabby trick that most people aren’t aware of.  We could do with a whole lot more fun and satisfaction and a whole lot less struggle and frustration.

If you’re with me so far then let’s take a look at The System.

If you’ve ever walked around a casino, there is a never-ending array of slot machines, table games, flashing lights, glitter, pretty girls, cocktails, buffets and much more.  It’s all fun to look at and there are many pleasant distractions; but it’s all there and carefully designed for one major purpose—to part you with your money.

They’ve got it down to a science, and we could wrap the whole thing up and call it a system.  The odds are always in the favor of the house, and the gaming generates so much income for the casinos, they can afford to give out free drinks, free food, free rooms, free show tickets and so on.  They can also afford to study how people behave in casinos and what sorts of things will motivate them to sit down and gamble (and keep on gambling).

Here’s a few things the casinos are counting on:  They’re counting on the idea that most people don’t understand odds, probability theory and game theory.  They’re counting on people to feel lucky, or that they can beat the house with a system of their own.  They’re counting on people to act emotionally instead of rationally (caught up in the excitement of the moment).  They’re counting on people to get buzzed/careless on the “free” drinks and lose all track of time.

I think you get the idea.

Sometimes people get lucky and win big (also part of the system); but you have to pay to play and for the most part, it would be foolish to expect to beat the odds.

I want to point out three things:

1.  The system works and cannot be beat.
2.  The system was figured out slowly but deliberately over time.
3.  The system operates for the benefit of the owners.

If you’re with me so far, then all you have to do is apply this concept to real life.

The good thing about the casino is you can walk away and not be subject to that system.  In real life however, we live in a system with the odds stacked against us.  We can’t just walk away.  We can be a victim and get taken advantage of by the system, or we can overcome it and be a winner.

That’s what this free report is all about.  We live in a system which is very carefully designed and operated to keep most people down and part them with their money, freedom and happiness (for the benefit of the owners).

I know a lot of people are having problems and may be struggling to make ends meet… to get ahead… to be happy.  Most of the time, we’re so caught up in the system that we don’t have the opportunity to stop, stand back and take a look at the bigger picture.  For a thought-provoking essay on this idea, please read Slavery and the Eight Veils.

Let’s take our first look at The System.

The System is designed to:

1.         Keep you Busy.
2.         Keep you Broke/Poor/In Debt.
3.         Keep you in Poor health/Overweight/Fat
4.         Keep you Misinformed/Intimidated/Afraid

Before we get into these individually, I’d like to point out a couple of thoughts.

I’m not here to make fun of anyone, ridicule anyone, or make anyone feel bad. As we go through these topics, you may get angry at me, yourself, or the people who run the system.  My intention isn’t to make anyone angry; but if you find yourself getting angry, just accept that it’s part of the process of learning the truth about The System.  You can apply that energy into something constructive.

Helping people to understand the truth about the system, figure out how to get ahead and be happy is precisely what my books are about.  That’s my gig.

I want to help people beat The System, and once enough of us are aware of what’s really going on, then we can come together and change the system for everyone’s mutual benefit.  If you like this free report, you will love my books.

If I could describe life in America to a foreigner, would it be accurate to say, “Most people here are super-smart, highly educated, in great shape and enjoy vigorous good health, dine on the finest foods, love their careers and find their work deeply gratifying, have plenty of money, live very luxurious lifestyles, live in a beautiful home, have great personal relationships and loving families, have tons of free time to enjoy life, and are gloriously happy and fulfilled.”  (?)

That may be along the lines of the American Dream; but it is far from reality for most people (and that’s a shame).  That’s what I want to fix.

Shabby Trick 1       The System is designed to keep you busy.

We all know what it’s like to be too busy.  As I’ve already alluded to, we’re so busy all the time that we rarely have the opportunity to stand back and get a fresh perspective.  We often call it The Rat Race.  Most of us already have too much on our plate and not enough time as it is.  Who has the extra time to stop and reflect?

Thomas Jefferson is credited with many great contributions to our society and this great experiment in self-government that we call America.  But here’s the thing… he had the time to read, write, think, study, solve, create, etc.

It takes time to do all that and most of us don’t have that time.  More accurately, most of us don’t make that time because we’re too busy.  I would argue that the system is intentionally designed to keep us overly busy, which works out in favor of the people who control the system.

One of the things that makes me different from a lot of other Americans is that I was fortunate enough to have the time, resources and motivation to sit and study this all out (which took years).  I don’t say that to sound as though I am smarter than you.  I say it because I believe I was fortunate enough to learn this material for the purpose to share it with other people.  That’s why this report is free.  I’m paying it forward.  I was fortunate and I want to share that good fortune with you.

Beat the System Trick 1 is to take a bunch of the time that you would waste being unnecessarily busy and use it to think/reflect about the more meaningful things in your life (health, wealth, happiness, fulfillment, beauty, growth, love) and how you can get more of it for yourself and your loved ones.  That’s what motivated me to write Living on Purpose.  I’ve devoted my whole career to helping people empower themselves and live the kind of life they dream about.

Become aware of how much time you waste.  It adds up fast.  Learn to become as ruthless as Attila the Hun when it comes to slashing busywork out of your day.  Learn how to organize and manage your time more efficiently and effectively.  It’s well worth the effort and can pay off huge dividends (better than Vegas).  Having laser-sharp focus and the time to reflect will help you better analyze and rearrange your priorities and start getting in the habit of setting goals.

One great service (which happens to be free) is to subscribe to Early To Rise.  Craig Ballentine and the rest of the world-class contributors publish great articles on time management, goal setting, being more focused and productive (and much more).  I’ve been subscribing for years and have the benefit of reading and learning the very best tried-and-true information from the most successful people in the world.  How smart is that?  (Did I mention it’s free?)

Shabby Trick 2       The System is designed to keep you poor, broke and in debt.

The quickest cure for this problem is to read my book Millionaire Wealth.

Most people are not financially independent because they live above their means.  We are constantly bombarded with advertisements to buy now and pay later.  That’s the way the system is set up.  People are offered all kinds of discounts, incentives, bonus points, and rebates to buy on credit.  It’s crazy.

I recently got a sales pitch for a credit card that promised generous rewards and no annual fees.  I asked, “There’s no interest due if the bill is paid in full each month, right.?”  She said I was right.  “Well then how do they make their money?”  She leaned in and whispered conspiratorially, “Most people don’t pay the balance every month.”  Ohhh.  That explained why the offer was so great. (I took it.)

People buy houses they can’t afford, cars they can’t afford and the list goes on and on.  They do their best to manage the monthly payments, but they get deeper and deeper into debt.  Then they become slaves to their paycheck, and many people live payday to payday.

So that’s the way it is, and I’m here to tell you that the system is designed for this to happen on purpose.  The Powers That Be want everyone broke and busy.  That makes it easier to control people, markets and politics.

Let’s take a car purchase for example.  If you can fog a mirror, odds are that you can get financing to buy a brand new car with very little down payment.  Along with the car payment, you get to pay DMV fees, sales taxes, maintenance, smog check fees, safety inspections, and the big one—insurance (required of course).  You get the benefit and satisfaction of having the new car, but it comes at the cost of a sales contract that runs for years and years (during which time you will pay several thousands of dollars worth of interest, taxes, fees and insurance).

As Parkinson’s Law points out, “Expenditures tend to rise to meet income, and surpass it.”  What this means is people have a tendency to spend their money as fast as they make it (or even before they make it).  The system leads us to believe that it’s completely normal to buy things we can’t afford.  The system doesn’t teach us how to be good with money in the first place.

If you feel like you’re one of those people who struggle financially (whether it’s too much debt, not enough income, can’t enjoy the lifestyle you want, or can’t get ahead) you can take some comfort in knowing that the system is designed that way on purpose.

They don’t teach it in school, and parents can’t teach what they don’t know.  Add to the mix the fact that we’ve become hooked on an endless parade of TV shows, magazines, social networks, etc., all of which are saturated with commercials and ads to buy things.  It’s a relentless barrage.

Beat the System Trick 2 is to learn how to be good with your money. The first rule is to live within your means. You’ll want to increase your income, lower your expenses, get out of debt and start building wealth (read that one again).

There are guidelines to follow and you can guarantee your success by doing it in a systematic fashion.  A good place to start is your budget (spending plan).  It doesn’t matter how much money you make.  You can figure out what you’re currently spending, what you think you ought to be spending and what you’d like to be spending.

In Millionaire Wealth I take you through the process step by step.  In addition to mastering your finances, you will have an amazing opportunity to evaluate and rearrange your priorities.  Many people are shocked at what they discover about their own finances (and eager to start making good changes).

There’s nothing wrong with working or using money.  But, life is too short to suffer the stress, aggravation and worry about not having enough money.  It’s easy to fix and there’s no reason why you can’t get started today.

Any good financial plan is also going to have a wealth building component–a way to increase your earning potential besides what you can directly earn.  This could include owning your own business, creating passive streams of income, saving and investing, and so on.

All of this and more is covered in my easy-to-read ebook Millionaire Wealth.  It’s less than eight bucks, comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, and includes a bonus investment report that can multiply your investment and generate obscene amounts of profits.   I’ve personally bought and sold this investment at ten times what I’ve paid, and the timing is still great (if you act fast).

If you’re smart enough to read this free report, then I believe you care a great deal about your financial situation.  I’d like to help.  This is one of those situations where you have everything to gain, nothing to lose, and no risk.  Those situations don’t come along everyday, but when they do, I like to call them no-brainers.

Shabby Trick 3       The System is designed to keep you fat and in poor health.

I’m not saying anyone has to look like a magazine cover model, and there’s nothing wrong with carrying around a healthy amount of body fat.  No one needs to have six-pack abs (although most of us agree they are sexy and represent the pinnacle of good fitness).  You just can’t help but radiate confidence and power when you sport a sleek and sexy flat belly and trim waist.

Most adults in America are overweight and many are obese.  It’s an epidemic as far as I’m concerned and I think the principle causes are poor nutritional choices and people living more sedentary lifestyles.  It’s easy to go wrong in the nutritional department when we consider that most of the so-called “food” at your local supermarket is pure crap.  For a bone-chilling list of some of the toxic ingredients that may be lurking in your favorite foods see Living on Purpose.  I listed the ingredients for 15 of America’s most popular items, and odds are that you have these in your kitchen right now.

Again, I’m not here to judge anyone.  We’re just looking at the facts.

If you stop for a moment and think about which foods people eat the most and which foods are advertised the most we begin to see an obvious connection. These foods generate the biggest profits for the food companies—but they’re about the worst for your good health!  These foods are very attractively priced, because they are subsidized by the government (i.e., the taxpayers and their children for generations to come).

We’re talking about crops like corn, wheat, soybeans and rice; and all their derivative products like high fructose corn syrup and hydrolyzed soybean extracts (genetically modified by the way).  We’re talking about trans-fats like margarine and vegetable oils (which most fast foods are fried in). Think breakfast cereals, sodas, anything made with enriched white flour, most fast-food products, and most prepared baked goods like cakes and cookies.  To find out which foods to avoid at all costs and which foods your body will love you for (plus bonus sample menus) please see Living on Purpose.

Don’t worry… as far as I’m concerned you never have to give up your favorite foods.  I certainly haven’t.  But, you have to be aware how it affects your health once you start packing on the pounds and getting round in the middle.  Poor diet and excess weight puts a load on all the systems in your body–most notably the heart which has to pump blood to all that extra tissue.  This will take a toll on your body over time and you will find yourself at the doctor’s office (or the hospital) and then the pharmacy.

By the way, there is a strong correlation between income levels and poor health.  The people with more money eat better (and they’re leaner).  The people at the lower income levels tend to eat crap (because it’s cheap).  We have nearly 50 million people on food stamps, and several million on welfare (which is obviously part of the system and designed to be that way on purpose).

So, it generates profits for the government subsidized multi-national corporations when you buy the processed and packaged “foods” which have very few redeeming nutritional qualities.  It generates profits for the medical and pharmaceutical companies when you start getting sick.  It generates profits for the law firms, the advertising firms and the insurance companies.  All of this requires ungodly amounts of legislation, regulation, enforcement and of course taxation.  So it’s good for government.  Did you ever wonder why it’s called the Food and Drug Administration?  Some of us joke that the FDA should stand for the Federal Death Administration.  It’s all designed to keep people fat, sick and in poor health.  That’s to say nothing about Medicare or the judicial system.  If America is supposed to be the land of the free and the best country in the world, then why are so many people sick and overweight?  (or going hungry)

Beat the System Trick 3 is to get out of this system before you become it’s next victim.  You don’t have to do anything drastic, and you don’t have to feel bad if you’ve become a victim already.  Just decide that from this point forward you can get the information (and the inspiration) you need to start making healthy choices, one day at a time.  That’s all it takes.  Give it your best effort today and plan to do it again tomorrow.  It’s a whole lot less stressful to live day by day, which is why I like to call it Living on Purpose.  Every day is a fresh new start to live healthy and be successful.

I don’t have the space here to tell you everything you need to know, but all the most important stuff you need to know is covered in my books and presented in a fun and easy-going manner.  The highlights include eating clean (don’t forget your cheat days), staying fairly active doing things you enjoy (be a kid at heart), getting good sleep, avoiding harmful substances, eliminating chronic stress, and to balance everything out with a healthy mental and spiritual outlook.

There’s an expression I like called use it or lose it.  If you don’t tend to your good health, you will likely fall into the downward spiral trap of getting weaker and heavier.  As we get older there is a tendency to lose muscle and gain fat.  We tend to spend more time off our feet, and our legs get weaker.  As our legs get weaker we spend even more time off our feet (and so on).  If the vicious downward spiral continues, it leads to being bedridden and ultimately death.  If you want to chase your grandchildren and great grandchildren around the yard, you need to stay active and keep your legs strong.

With just these first three Shabby Tricks, we can already begin to see how the system is set up to work against you.  Our health and fitness tends to suffer because we don’t have enough time to eat better or stay active, because we’re always busy, (because we’ve got a lot of bills and taxes to pay).

Shabby Trick 4       The System is designed to keep you ignorant, misinformed and distracted from the real issues.

Don’t shoot the messenger.  I’m not here to insult anyone, but by and large we were herded into public school classrooms and fed a complete line of BS.  I’m not saying that Americans are dumb or incapable of making good decisions, but I am saying that most people are operating with the wrong facts and a misguided set of beliefs.  This situation is made all the worse when they are lied to by the people they trust to be truthful and honest (such as public leaders, teachers, doctors, and the media).  It’s a recipe for disaster.  I don’t have the space to fully develop this here, but you can read all about it in my book Freedom or Forfeit: The Fate of America.

How many of us were taught to believe that we’re always the good guys?  That government is looking out for us?  That our government operates according to the Constitution? (hint—nothing could be further from the truth)  We can observe here that if the people don’t know what’s in the Constitution, then how would they know if the government was following it or not?  Or even why it’s important?

What if none of the following is true?

•  It’s a good idea to eat five or six servings of cereals/grains/bread every day.

•  Federal Reserve Notes are money.

•  Only licensed medical doctors can help you get healthy and avoid getting sick.

•  We all must pay income taxes as the price of living in a free country (and to pay for essential government services).

•  We all must be willing to give up some of our inalienable rights and civil liberties in order to be protected from cave-dwelling terrorists (who hate us for our freedoms).

•  Policemen are your friends.

•  Only the government can protect the environment.

•  Social Security is financially sound (and it isn’t a Ponzi scheme).

•  Gun-free zones/cities are safer.

Although you may or may not agree with me, I’ve offered these ideas to show that most of us have been raised to believe the wrong things.  It’s as if we were brainwashed.  It’s true that we have a constitution, but that doesn’t mean we’re following it.  It’s true that we have cash, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth anything.  It’s true that some people abuse themselves with drugs, but that doesn’t mean the War on Drugs is a good idea (unless you like living in a Police State).

These are just a few ideas to show how the people are being misinformed and controlled by the powers that be (to their detriment).  I spent years digging out the information presented in Freedom or Forfeit: The Fate of America and I learned that I had been lied to.  It was like going through The Matrix.  The big take-away is that I learned to think for myself and make my own decisions.  I think that’s the smart thing to do, and I wrote my books to help other people separate the truth from the lies so they can make better decisions.

People can’t be ignorant and free.

If you look around, it’s easy to see that just about every aspect of our lives is highly regulated and taxed by the heavy hand of government.  It’s nearly impossible to do anything without a license or permit.  Many people don’t care, just as they don’t mind if the government records all of our phone calls, emails and watches us everywhere we go (including in our back yards).  What’s next?

Beat the System Trick 4

Take the red pill.  Learn the truth about what’s going on around you so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones.  Challenge what you think you know.  I took the challenge and discovered that I was dead wrong about a lot of the things I thought I knew.

I’m not saying I have all the answers or that I’m above making mistakes.  But I am saying that what many people believe about this country is a complete fairy tale.  In the final analysis, most people like to believe that they are free and living in a free country—but, they don’t live and act like they are free.   For more on this topic, read this excerpt from my book (free).

Beating the Scoundrels at their own Game

The best way to avoid becoming a victim is to be well-informed, well-armed and well-prepared.  The best way to beat the system is to observe it for what it is and then step outside of its clutches.  Become fiercely independent in your thoughts and actions so you can avoid any kind of government dependence.

In order to protect yourself and enjoy life to the fullest, it’s imperative that you maintain vigorous good health and fitness.  It’s also a great idea to have wealth and abundance in your life.  Life is so much better when you can afford to buy the things you want for yourself and your loved ones (and do whatever else is meaningful to you).  When you can afford to live life on your own terms.  There’s glory in working hard and achieving great success, but there’s no glory in struggling to make ends meet.

Here at, we’re building a community of like-minded people who want the best out of life and will not settle for second best.  People who will do what it takes to carve out the life of their dreams and live it to the fullest.

Here at we live one day at a time and we ensure that every single day is a smashing success.  We do what works and practice good habits.  We don’t struggle on things that don’t work, and we don’t waste time.

Here at we continually search out and find the latest and best products and information to help people achieve their goals.  And just as important, we provide a social network to help each other and give support.  There are also tons of free resources at the website and we invite you to tell us your story.  We welcome stories that are educational and inspirational.

The best way to join our community is to read the books and start making the changes you feel are best in your life.  I believe you can be a smashing success starting today (if you’re willing to take action).  You won’t be alone.  You can count on help and support.

The books are short and easy to read, so you can start making a dramatic change in your life today.  If you read my books and have questions about your personal situation, send me an email and I will personally do my best to help you.  I also take on private clients and work with people one on one.  We’re here to make sure you get the help and personal attention you need to ensure your success and happiness.

That’s my personal commitment to you and everyone in the community.

If you want to make significant changes in your life for the better, starting today, then it’s time for you to make a commitment.

I don’t know if you can put a price on a great book that changes your life.  Any of these books would be a great value at $20.  But for a limited time you can buy all three of my books for less than 20 bucks (and don’t forget the awesome and super-easy investment bonus).  I just want to make sure that anyone who is ready to make the big changes they want to make in their life can easily afford it.

I look forward to helping you with personal service and support, and I can’t wait to hear your success stories.




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