Las Vegas

Anna and I made a run to Las Vegas which gave us the opportunity to visit some more DDD spots.  We used to live there and so we know our way around pretty well.

Stromboli at Four Kegs

Stromboli at Four Kegs Sports Pub
(It’s so big it won’t even fit the shot.)

We arrived just in time for lunch and so we headed out to the Four Kegs Sports Pub.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much.  I’m happy to tell you that I was very pleasantly surprised.  We ordered the Original Stromboli and it was the best I’ve ever had.  The crust was like magic.  It was golden brown and delicious, super flavorful, tangy, with a buttery pastry type crunch.  And yet for all it’s wonderful qualities, it was light and didn’t overpower the Stromboli.  I was just absolutely floored.  We also ordered a bacon cheeseburger, but the large Stromboli is big enough to feed two people.  The burger was good, and I have to try the cheesesteak sandwich next time we go.

We got to meet the owner, Mario, and he was very friendly to us.  I hadn’t seen the show in awhile and I asked about the magic of the crust.  He said, well it’s just like I said in the show… I’ll give you about 80% but then you have to figure out the rest.  Needless to say, I’ll be looking forward to going back and having another Stromboli whenever I make it to town.

We had dinner that night at Chevy’s Mexican Grill which used to be a favorite place for us to go for happy hour and stay for dinner.  I love their chimichangas, and the picadillo has a real satisfying chile profile.

We headed out to the Coffee Cup in Boulder City for breakfast the next morning.  Boulder City is a nice little town and we used to go their often.  No casinos.  I used to play golf there and rent a plane at the local airport.

The Coffee Cup is located on the main drag, which is a nice little stretch to get out and walk around.  It’s laid back (no parking meters) and picturesque for the middle of the desert.  The place was busy but we got a table and didn‘t have to wait long to order.  We studied the menu and I ordered the chile verde omelet and Anna ordered blueberry pancakes.  The food was good.  I suppose I was expecting more from the chile verde, but I can’t complain.  I like my Mexican food spicy, but I guess they have to dial it down a little since it’s a coffee shop.  I’d be happy to go back for breakfast, and they just might have the best breakfast in town.

We knocked around till lunch and went to Capriotti’s for a couple of our favorite sandwiches.  Anna gets the turkey sandwich with dressing and cranberry sauce and I get the cheesesteak sandwich (one of my favorites).  We left town fat and happy.

It’s a little over an hour to the Mad Greek in Baker (which we’ve driven past a hundred times).  We don’t ever stop in Baker, but we did on this day.  We weren’t hungry yet but we sampled some spanikopita and split a peanut butter milkshake which was dreamy.  Anna’s notes say, “Yum-o!!” so it comes with our highest recommendation.  We go kind of nuts whenever people start mixing peanut butter and ice cream.  Look out.

That little jaunt added three more places to our burgeoning list and we drove home talking about how great that Stromboli was.  If you ever get to Las Vegas, the Stromboli at the Four Kegs is a must.  I’ll be shocked if you ever stop in and Mario isn’t there tending bar or making the customers feel right at home.  The place is chock full of loyal regulars.

Next DDD destination: Los Angeles  (DDD Count: 29)

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